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Experience the rejuvenating effects of Scar Therapy at Resilience. Designed to address post-surgery challenges, our specialized approach combines Lymph Drainage Therapy with Scar Mobilization Techniques. From gentle methods for early recovery to specific techniques for mature scars. Rediscover vitality—book your Scar Therapy session for tailored care and lasting results.

Offered by Hannah or Melanie as part of a tailored therapeutic massage (recommended to book only 30 min if you ONLY want scar tissue treatment, please specify)

Revitalize Your Scars at Resilience

Unlock the transformative power of Lymph Drainage Therapy at Resilience, addressing post-surgery challenges with precision:

  • Surgery Impact on Lymphatic Vessels:

    • Surgery cuts lymphatic vessels, leading to prolonged swelling, pain, and reduced range of motion.

    • Scar tissue formation impedes vessel function, causing lasting discomfort.

  • Lymph Drainage Therapy Solution:

    • Heals damaged lymph vessels, reconnects interrupted routes, and establishes new pathways.

    • Gradually restores health, proper flow, and vitality in the surgery area and overall health.

  • Complementing Scar Mobilization Techniques:

    • 3-4 Weeks After Surgery:

      • Gentle scar mobilization techniques, myofascial release, and/or gua sha.

      • Continued Lymphatic Drainage for comprehensive healing.

    • Mature Scars (3-9 Months):

      • Specific scar mobilization techniques, Cupping Therapy, or Myofascial Release.

      • Breaks up fibrotic tissue, making scars softer and less visible.

  • Take-Home Scar Repair Kits:

    • Tailored kits available for purchase, enhancing at-home scar care.

  • Specialized Scar Tissue Work Session:

    • Melanie offers a dedicated 30-minute session focusing on scar tissue work, by request only.

Embark on a journey of scar revitalization at Resilience—book your session now and rediscover the vitality within your scars.

*Picture of Resilience client right after surgery (double knee replacement) and then 90 days post surgery. Results may very. This patient was seem weekly by Melanie for 30 minutes of intense therapy. He also did the work at home.

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